EUWIN warmly welcomes all new members with an exciting and highly rewarding 100% First Deposit Bonus Up To 300 !

General Terms & Conditions

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    *Prize payout for EUWIN SGD account players will be pegged at 3.00 MYR/SGD conversion rate

  1. Player must entered registered EUWIN username to participate this live stream event.
  2. There will be total of 10 rounds game in a day.
    -Round 1 to round 7 have 1 to 6 winners.
    -Round 8 have 3 winners.
    -Round 9 have 2 winners.
    -Round 10 have 1 winner.

  3. Prize for each round is RM300. IF there is only 1 player with correct ID and answer in the round, he will be rewarded RM300!
  4. Prizes are for slot games only and subject to minimum withdrawal requirements (prize amount) X3 ; Maximum withdrawal is 5x of the prize amount.
  5. Winners list will be posted at EUWIN website and prizes will credit into member's wallet within 24 hours after streaming ended.
  6. Winners will be chosen at the sole discretion of EUWIN. Only 1 prize will be awarded per player per event.
  7. Player can Guess/Win 1 answer ONLY per round. Repeated or spamming in the chatroom will be disqualified.
  8. Inactive members are limited to play and win once ONLY in this event.
  9. Member have make at least 1 time deposit with amount RM100 or above from Monday until Friday before the live stream begin considered as active.
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